YouTube Chapters – Your Quick-Start Primer

Very recently, YouTube have rolled out a new feature to creators to enhance their viewer's experience on YouTube in navigating videos - Chapters. Chapters are, as the name implies, sections of your video divided into topics, points, or other logical separation of thoughts within a piece of content. Chapters appear as clickable elements as you … Continue reading YouTube Chapters – Your Quick-Start Primer

YouTube’s New End Screen Editor – Tutorial

In the ever inevitable march towards the new YouTube Studio becoming the one and only creator tool, YouTube have recently released a fresh End Screen editor for Studio. In the video below, I walk through the new layout and show how easy it is to add videos, playlists, links and subscribe icons to your video's … Continue reading YouTube’s New End Screen Editor – Tutorial

YouTube Music Policy Tool

In this quick YouTube tutorial, we will look at how you can check a song's YouTube use status using the Youtube Music Policy Tool. Using copyrighted music in videos can be a dicey pastime, so Youtube have provided their Music Policy tool to help navigate how songs are handled if used in your Youtube videos. … Continue reading YouTube Music Policy Tool