How To Edit A YouTube Video AFTER Upload

YouTube provides many tools inside of the Studio dashboard that aim to help make the creator’s process easier. One such tool is the Editor feature, available for all uploaded videos. What can you do with it?

The YouTube editor is found in the YouTube Studio dashboard. You can go into the Content menu and select the video that you want to edit. Click on that video, and you will see another set of menus of which one is called Editor.

When you open the editor, you will find a selection of tasks that you can perform. You also see the video on the timeline, showing the audio waveform and there is also a viewer where you can play back the video in its entirety.

There are five actions that you can take in the YouTube video editor. Those are Trim and Cut, Blur, Audio, End Screen and Info Cards. In this article, and in the video below, we will cover the top three. End Screens and Info Cards will get their own dedicated blog post and video in the future.

The video tutorial is the best way to demonstrate and show you how to use the three features that we are going to talk about. You can watch the entire video below, to find out how to use Audio, Blur, and Trim and Cut. We hope the video is informative and shows you exactly what you need to do to use these features.


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