The heart of my work online and in the content creation space is my main YouTube channel, Doug Hewson YT.

I help YouTubers grasp the various tools to make better videos and live streams.

This is my core channel and where I come in contact with my audience the most. I am fast leaning into YouTube news and announcements along with feature tutorials around the creator-side of the platform. In addition, we talk about tools to live stream, create content, and even a dose of motivation from time to time.

My second channel is Doug Hewson YT Shorts. Primarily, this channel contains Shorts and will also be housing clips and highlights from longer-form content that has been published on the main channel.

Topically, it will cover many topics we talk about on the main channel. The portrait orientation of the Shorts video will also lend itself to super quick mobile-based tips and tricks.

My third (and likely not last) channel is called Creator Tech Reviews.

Creator Tech Reviews provides insights and a first look at a range of creator-first products that serve as tools for the modern content creator.

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