Access Denied! If Your YouTube Partner Program Application was Denied, I Tell You What To Do Next!

Now that YouTube are more current with their processing of their Partner Program applications, we’re finding that some channels don’t cut the mustard.

If past requirements for the YouTube Partner Program have lulled creators into a false sense of security, then this new information will shake awake creators from that complacency. Not only have YouTube raised the eligibility requirements for applying for the program (1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch-time in the past 12 months), but some creators were rudely awakened to the fact that approval was not a foregone conclusion. In fact, some creators are now receiving an email regarding their declined application.

Whilst YouTube’s documentation has been clear a human review was a part of the approval process, what those reviewers were looking for was not.

As these notifications have gone out, so has information on the reasons for these channels to be denied access. In this video, Doug shares what these common reasons are and the video and accompanying PDF offers potential solutions so that a channel can potentially re-apply after the 30 day waiting period.

FREE PDF download can be downloaded from HERE.


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