YouTube Chapters – Your Quick-Start Primer

Very recently, YouTube have rolled out a new feature to creators to enhance their viewer’s experience on YouTube in navigating videos – Chapters.

Chapters are, as the name implies, sections of your video divided into topics, points, or other logical separation of thoughts within a piece of content. Chapters appear as clickable elements as you hover over the video’s timeline.

Chapters featured on a recent video by Roberto Blake

Chapters can be enabled on any video by adding timestamps to the video’s description. YouTube recently shared the 3 simple things you must ensure to have your timestamps active the Chapters feature successfully:

  • the first timestamp must be 0:00
  • there must be a least 3 timestamps/chapters
  • each chapter must be at least 10 seconds long

Meet this criteria, and you’re good to go!

In a recent video, I show you practically how to apply the new Chapters feature to an existing video:


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