First-Look: YouTube Upload Beta

Recently, YouTube released a new beta for their upload flow, as part of the continuing roll-out of their Studio Beta product. In short, its an updated UI that encapsulates the upload process into 3 tabs. In the video below, I walk through the process as I take my first "look" at the new feature.


Google Hangouts On Air Gone!

Are you a YouTuber that regularly live streams with multiple guests using the Google Hangouts on Air feature? You may have noticed that as of August 1st, that feature disappeared. Don't know what to do? Well, I've got you covered! I recently did a run-down of some Google Hangouts on Air replacement options, the details … Continue reading Google Hangouts On Air Gone!

YouTube Announces Changes to Subscriber Count Display

Last week, YouTube announced via their Twitter account (@TeamYouTube) that they will be making changes to the way the subscriber count for channels are publicly displayed from August 2019. They linked to a YouTube Help Community post that outlined the details. All public facing subscriber counts will be truncated to a uniform format: counts under … Continue reading YouTube Announces Changes to Subscriber Count Display

YouTube Music Policy Tool

In this quick YouTube tutorial, we will look at how you can check a song's YouTube use status using the Youtube Music Policy Tool. Using copyrighted music in videos can be a dicey pastime, so Youtube have provided their Music Policy tool to help navigate how songs are handled if used in your Youtube videos. … Continue reading YouTube Music Policy Tool