Changing Your YouTube Profile Picture is Easy in 2021

In the past, YouTube have made you jump through extra hoops to update your profile picture, especially on mobile. Desktop users had a few ways of doing it, but there was some variables in the past.

Today, YouTube have provided us with a central hub for the customisation of our channels, which includes your channel banners, the layout of your home page and even changing your channel name itself. The Customization menu in YouTube Studio is that place.

This video outlines how to find that feature and walks you through the process:

On mobile? There are no such customization options provided in the YouTube or YouTube Studio apps. There are two ways to go about it:

  1. Open up Chrome browser on your device and load up the mobile YouTube site at – go into your browser settings and select Request Desktop Site (on iOS) or just Desktop Site (on Android). Then you can follow the desktop instructions above.
  2. Use the old method via (watch the video below for that method.

Make sure you take advantage of the profile picture feature – having this customised is YouTube Creator 101, and is one of the pre-requisites of getting your channel a custom URL at 100 subscribers.


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