Podcasting Made Easy – Anchor’s Killer New iPad App

Anchor the podcasting platform and app have just put out a dedicated iPad app. Today we’re going to check it out and see what feature it has that none of the other apps do. The video below shows a walkthrough of the new Anchor app for iPad. The full transcript of the video is also shown below.


Anchor the podcasting platform and app have just put out a dedicated iPad app. Today we’re going to check it out and see what feature it has that none of the other apps do. Stick around.

This is Doug from Doug Hewson YouTube and we’re here to help you with tech for content creation. And today we’re going to be checking out the new iPad app for Anchor. Now Anchor is the podcast platform and apps that make it really easy for you to create your own podcasts, add things, edit and upload and it’s automatically distributed to many of the popular podcast platforms. So let’s jump in to the overview of the Anchor iPad app.

Well this is the first look at the Anchor iPad app. I’ve got my iPad open I’ve got Anchor installed, so let’s get to it. I’m going to open Anchor first of all It’s currently sitting in my taskbar so I’m just going to tap on that, and here we go. Okay first thoughts here, it gives me that sort of a combination look between what we’ve seen on the iPhone app and what we also see on the on the web page.

You can see down on the left hand side, we can see the record function. It says capture your voice or sounds around you. The pink or the purple one I should say. This next one down Record with Friends. Record with your friends anywhere in the world. So that’s the collaboration feature. The green one Voice Messages add messages submitted by listeners to your podcast. Music add full length tracks from Apple Music and Spotify. And of course you can only use that for podcasts that are going on Anchor only. The pink one, which is actual pink this time, Transitions. Breakup segments with themed transitions. And then finally the purple one at the bottom, Library. And browse all the audio you’ve created or uploaded to Anchor. So we’ve got those three options here. And we can see down on the right hand side there’s a big open area for Episode builder. So as we add elements we can see them all lining up in that window. And down the bottom we can see there’s two buttons, we’ve got the microphone logo it says Create. And then we’ve also got the one here, I’m gonna tap it, Profile which shows the profile for your actual podcast. It shows your past podcast episodes and you can look at some menu options on the right hand side that talks about different aspects. It shows you the name of your podcast. Let’s have a quick look at those first and then we’ll get back to the podcast building because we covered a lot of that already on the previous video which I linked up in the card right in the corner right now which is our initial Anchor look. Because back when we recorded that video, the only app that you could get was the mobile app which on iOS was only the iPhone one. If you’re using an iPad you would just get the iPhone interface. There wasn’t a dedicated iPad app but now there’s a dedicated iPad app, and that’s what we’re checking out today. Let’s have a look at it activity here, which I think will give us things that have happened like people who have favorited your podcast, account settings is where we get to set up all the different things, and then we’ve got our podcast settings all to do specifically with the settings podcast as opposed to settings of your account. So this is the one where it talks about my podcast name, where I can edit my description, my category, language and market if it’s explicit content or not. Obviously talking about content creation and podcasts it’s not explicit.

And then we got the distribution where it actually tells you all the links to all the different places where your podcast is being distributed so we can see Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Spotify is currently blank so it’s not being distributed to Spotify at the moment. Breaker, Cast Box, Google Play Music, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Pod Bean — there’s no link for Pod Bean, Radio Public, a Stitcher and Tune In still blank as well. So these are ones that are some of the newer ones that haven’t linked up yet. Probably when I publish more content then it’ll will probably set me up in places like Pod Bean and Stitcher, Tune In and Spotify. So but you know, my coverage is already pretty good — Radio Public, Overcast, Podcasts, Google Play Music, Cast Box, Breaker, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast are probably the big the big two and that’s why they’re at the top.

Okay let’s head back to the creation part of the screen. So gonna tap back on the microphone there. Let’s go into the record screen gonna tap that. Okay so we get a little bit of a window here like we would if we were on the mobile app. So we’ve got the press and hold button to record. I think if I just tap it, it will start recording as well. Let’s just have a bit of an experiment. Okay I’ve got to hold it like the iPhone app I’ve got to hold I just tapped that once. It’s probably one thing downside is you’ve got to hold it while you record. I understand why that is on the iPhone, especially if you’re walking around you’re sort of holding it. But here I am. I’m set up on my desk I’ve got my iPad in a little stand. I don’t want to have to hold my thumb or my finger to the screen, so maybe that’s something that they could be improving, so Anchor, if you’re watching this, maybe have the option on the iPad so you could just tap to record. Okay let’s give it a go again because we want to record at least something for the walk through demonstration we’re doing now.

“Skipping through at Fast Foward”

Okay, now the interesting thing that you can see here, is it gives you two options here to trim or to save. This is a new feature in the Anchor iPad app, and that’s to actually be able to trim what you’ve just recorded. This is a killer feature because before if you muffed up you have to go back and start again. But I’m going to get a trim… now we can definitely see there’s the audio waveform there so we can see it definitely recorded. So that’s just plugging in there. So we recorded about 29 seconds of stuff, so I’m just going to say Save and Trim because I trimmed the beginning there. Save. At that point like the iPad ahh the iOS or Android app, it asks if I want to add that portion of my recording to an episode and then we can give it, we can even give the segment a name. And we got some settings here, we can go to the cog here. Interesting here, we can actually add it to a number of places here. We can add it to an existing episode, which is a bit silly if it’s something we’ve already published complete completed so we’re not going to do that. We can have a new episode. I might just save it to the library, and we’ll call this… then we’re going to click save to Library. So now it’s in our library. So we’re going in the library, you see the little loader there to say we’re loading something into the library, and I don’t know why but there’s two instances of that. We’ll come back to that. Let’s go back to the main screen here. Now Record with Friends option is basically anybody who is also somehow related to us via Anchor. They’ve already got the Anchor app. Voice Messages of course are people who’ve done call ins. So there there’s a couple of them I could use. Of course the music part is only useful for your actual Anchor broadcast. Anything you do through any of the distribution platforms you cannot use Apple Music or Spotify because of the copyright issues of using that music, but obviously Anchor have a special licensing deal that anything through their platform and stays native on that platform that they can actually use the Apple Music or Spotify platform content.

Okay, our Transitions of course are little little interludes that play between segments on a podcast. And we go to Library. Let’s just add our intro that we recorded just now. Now put out of the Library and placed it where I want to. So this is interesting. Now we have the functionality of being able to not only bring things in from past recordings of stuff, we can actually have the option of rearranging these so let’s add a transition here. Obviously if I rearrange I could just drag and drag at the top there is episode 8, I can actually give it a unique name. Now I could record more information, more more segments, throw a transition in between, maybe throw in a recording from that I’ve done through the Anchor app. The only thing that still hasn’t been done here, is being able to bring in pre-recorded content from outside of Anchor, which you can do on the web version… unless there is an option through Library? Yes this is, Import. Here we go. If we go import, I did I did hear that you should be able to do this, so we can go. There’s nothing recent in open documents we can browse. Now it’s using the functionality through the Files app where you can access apps that are compatible with the Files app and pull audio out. So I don’t have any of that loaded up but I could certainly import stuff into my Anchor library and use it. I can go back and grab old segments that I’ve recorded here. So the good news is I can bring in audio from third party places. I can record it here on the app. I can get all the other extra features are there, then I can build and publish my podcast right from my iPad desktop.

Have you ever considered doing a podcast for your YouTube channel or ahh for your business? I really encourage you to check out the Anchor app whether its on your iPhone, your Android device or even the iPad app. They even got a a web based system that you can check out over on their website. If you haven’t watched the earlier video that I did that covers the mobile and the web apps, then check out the link in the card right now and get all up to speed. If these type of videos on platforms and apps are helpful to you, make sure to Subscribe and if you really like to video, give it a like, a thumbs up but make sure if you think this is helpful for someone else, to share the video with them. This is Doug from Doug Hewson YouTube, and we’ll catch you later!


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