Creator Insider Tom Leung Hints at New Features Coming to Studio

In a recent Twitter discussion, Tom Leung, Director of Product Management at YouTube shared some insights into possible upcoming features for YouTube Studio. One is imminent, and the other is some ways off.

Tom Leung

Firstly, just around the corner is the ability to bulk upload, a feature that was in Studio Classic, but not seen in the new Studio thus far.

At the time of posting, Tom stated it was coming in about a month, and that was posted in mid February. Odds are, we’ll see it sometime in March.

A lot of creators have been keen on this feature rolling out to the new Studio. Yes, YouTube does listen!

The second feature (or features) are more elaborate and hinge around the idea of polls. This is response to a question regarding results of polls in info cards, Tom shared that indeed not a lot of creators actually used the info card polls features, and that there wasn’t currently a slick way to see a summary of the results.

After answering the question, Tom volunteered some juicy information for a possible future roll-out of more interactive polls in the Community Tab (which already has polls – expect more functionality), on Live streams and maybe even on the watch pages of videos!

As always, things are subject to change, especially on features in the ideas stage. If you have your own thoughts on the use of polls on YouTube, make sure to share feedback with the Studio team and via the Creator Insider channel.

I break-down both these teasers in the video below, and share my thoughts on how polls would benefit live streams.


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