Record Multiple Cameras At Once on Your iPhone!

The modern smartphone is a wonderful device. It’s not just about the communications and content consumption, its also a pocket content creation machine! Smartphone cameras have come such a long way potato-like cameras on the early smartphones, including the original iPhone.

The modern smartphones are equipped with not just a front and back facing camera, but multiple back facing cameras for wide, ultra wide and telephoto options, depending on the device. Having this many cameras, it makes sense that you should be able to utilise a number of them at the same time. That’s where Filmic Double Take comes in.

Offering a number of modes, it allows you to (as the name suggests) record two cameras simultaneously. Discrete mode allows you to record both cameras as two separate files. This adds some major benefits to your post production editing for flexibility of shots. PiP lets you select two cameras with one camera taking the picture in picture position and the other taking the full screen. This mode records one file with the cameras mixed together and will even allow you to change the PiP position and swap cameras from full screen to the PiP. Lastly, there is Split Screen mode that lets you put two cameras side by side and record the resulting screen layout to one file.

Whilst the level of control of each image is a lot less than say their primary app Filmic Pro, Filmic do provide the option to change between 24, 25 and 30 frames per second and have basic focus and exposure controls so you can at least lock them in place.

Check out my walkthrough/first look at the Filmic Double Take app here:


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