Automate Posting Your Youtube Uploads with IFTTT

In late January 2019, Youtube depreciated some of its auto posting functionality when it removed the ability to automatically post the link to your newly public video to Twitter, Google+ and other platforms. Creators were justifiably disappointed.

Well do not fear, there is a way to replace the automatic functionality by utilising the online service IFTTT. In fact, this process opens up a whole lot more functionality and the sky is the limit when it comes to implementing automated tasks all over your online portfolio.

IFTTT, also known as “If This Then That”, has been around for while and offer some pretty interesting functionality across many online sites, platforms, services, and more. Basically, IFTTT lets you perform a task based on a trigger on one service and implement a task on another.

Some examples of actions that can be undertaken by IFTTT include turning on your porch light when your pizza delivery is on its way, pass content from one social media account to another, even have yourself notified when that special item is on sale at your local supermarket.

Back to Youtube! In this video tutorial, we will walk through the process of setting up IFTTT automations (called Applets) to share out your newly public video to any or all of your social media accounts as you wish.

How To Promote YouTube Videos on Social Media – Automatically!


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