YouTube SuperChat Explained – How to SuperChat on a Live Stream

In my role as a moderator on many larger YouTuber’s live streams, one question gets constantly asked, “What Is SuperChat?” So much so, I made myself a “What Is SuperChat?” chat message with a link to the YouTube Helps page concerning SuperChat. I post it at least once per stream it seems πŸ˜‰

In the video below, I walk through the question and answer all the relevant FAQs when it comes to SuperChat.

What Is SuperChat?

  1. Superchat is a live stream chat feature that allows viewers to have their chat message highlighted to the streamer by giving them a donation. Much like donation features that appear on other live streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixer, YouTube have integrated the feature into their chat window. A viewer is more likely to have their message seen by the streamer, and the streamer can make some extra $$$ in addition to their Adsense revenue.
  1. A viewer can give a SuperChat by clicking the grey $ sign icon at the bottom of the chat window. This feature will only show to those who have the feature available. Check the link in the description for details on availability by location and devices.
  1. A SuperChat will stay pinned to the top of the chat page for a certain period of time, based on the amount given by the viewer. Once that timer expires, the SuperChat will disappear. The colour and message length is also determined by the amount given.
  1. SuperChats are not exempt from moderation, so you cannot use a SuperChat to abuse or offend the streamer or other viewers. The message will still be subject to any moderation filters plus the live moderator team on the channel.

As a streamer, you are eligible to have SuperChat enabled on your streams if:

  • Your channel is enabled for live streaming
  • Your channel is monetised
  • Your channel is over 1000 subscribers
  • You are over 18
  • And you are located in one of the available locations (country). See link for details.

You can turn SuperChat on and Off as required.

A streamer can manage their SuperChats from the Live Stream dashboard, it will show in it’s own module. A streamer can also look at their SuperChats after a stream by checking out their Creator Studio online.

SuperChat revenue is split between the streamer and YouTube. YouTube keep 30% and gives the streamer 70%.Β  Funds are paid out to you via Adsense in the normal manner.


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