4 Mistakes Young Gaming Channels Make on YouTube

Are you a Young Gaming Channel on YouTube? In the video below, we look at 4 Mistake Young Gaming Channel Make. Watch the entire video and check back to the blog below for all the relevant links for further study and implementation.

Transcript of the video below:

Hey! Are you a gaming channel on YouTube? Have you just started, and you are really young and you have no clue what you’re doing? Well today we’re going to talk about four mistakes that young gaming channels make. That’s coming up right now.

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Today we’re talking about four mistakes that young gamers make on YouTube. Let’s get into it right now.

Mistake number one is young youtubers try to copy the YouTube idols. The world doesn’t need another PewDiePie. The world doesn’t need another big-name multi-billion subscriber YouTube gamer. They need you. They want your uniqueness. They want your personality. Don’t copy what everyone else is doing. Be unique so that you can stand out. Instead of doing a let’s play or a playthrough or walkthrough, why not be a tutorial channel or at least include tutorials on your channel. Maybe you have some how to’s or tips that you can provide to other gamers. Think outside the box and be unique.

Mistake number two  young youtubers don’t figure out how to use YouTube properly. They just start posting videos and just think that the magical YouTube fairies are going to make those videos appear in front of all people that like gaming. “Yeah well it’s magical isn’t it? YouTube’s magical.” But no it’s not. You’re going to do the work. You’re got to understand how it works and work it to your advantage.

The important things and the basics for your channel a for your videos or these: good titles, description, good thumbnails (so you can stand out and people can see you), your channel layout needs to be optimized (you need to have the channel art and have all your videos in playlists and importantly is SEO – search engine optimization. So if people are looking for something and type that in, say they’re looking for how to do this thing in Overwatch (whatever it might be) they search that, and if you do your SEO right you’ll rank and you’ll be in that top part of the search, they’ll be able to click on your video and “bang” you’re on your channel. My recommendation is to watch videos on how to do YouTube. In the description below I’ve put number of links to channels where they can help you do that. There’s multiple videos on these channels that tell you how you can do your YouTube better and cover all these topics and more. So I encourage you to go check them out. Subscribe to those channels and keep learning it’s a never-ending process you need to keep learning so that you can get better.

Mistake number three – don’t go to other channels and do sub for subs or “hey check out my channel” or “come and subscribe to my channel”. Don’t do that! It’s rude and it’s frowned upon and it’ll damage your channel in the long run so don’t do it. Well, what do you do? Instead this is how your comment properly. Watch their video and leave meaningful comments about their video. Always be positive! Don’t put negative comments on their videos, be positive. Say, “hey I enjoyed your video” and tell them why you enjoyed the video. “Hey I love your walkthrough”,  “hey I enjoyed your video because you’re really funny”,  “hey I really liked your video when this happened”. These comments are the sorts of comments you need to leave and they will indirectly help you grow your channel. Why? ‘cause what will happen is people will see you commenting they’ll grow to trust your comments and trust that you’re legit and some of them I’m going to say hey I’m going to go check them out they’ll click on your icon in the comments and go to your channel. If they like what they see, they’ll subscribe. It’s a win-win for their channel and for your channel, so make sure that you do it right and don’t do it wrong.

The fourth mistake that people make on their gaming channels, especially young people, they wonder why, and maybe have a bit of a whinge, have a bit of a “I don’t know why my channels not growing”,  “why aren’t I growing quickl”,  “why aren’t I getting thousands of subs”,  “why aren’t I getting millions of views?” Well guess what you’re not going to and neither should you. You know what you need to do? You need to focus on enjoying yourself. Enjoy what you do, play games that you enjoy and share them with the people on your channel. Share them with your subscribers and your viewers. You need to do the best you can with what you’ve got. Be consistent, post regularly and keep growing step by step. It’s a step by step, layer upon layer process for YouTube. Success doesn’t happen overnight. You’re unlikely to produce a viral video and get millions of views overnight. It’s not going to happen. It’s likely not going to happen. It could happen, but it’s probably not going to happen. Remember this – gaming is a saturated niche so what you’ve got to do is stand out from everyone else. And because of that saturation, it takes time to rise to the top. It takes time to rise from the bottom and get up and get thousand subscribers, 10,000 subscribers, hundreds of views, thousands of views, 10 thousands of views, hundreds thousands of views. It takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight, so keep at it and don’t give up. Do what you can do, enjoy the process, and just keep doing it. Consistency is the key. Plug away, improve your video craft, improve your gameplay, improve your video editing. It’ll grow and you’ll have some success over time.

One channel I suggest you check out is someone who started YouTube when they were 14 years old and his name is Mumbo Jumbo. You might have heard of him. He’s got over one and a half million subscribers. Go check out his channel, (it’s in the description below) and learn from him. Go have a look at his early videos then have a look at what he’s doing now. It’s a process, it’s taken time. He’s in his 20s now. He’s been on YouTube for a long time and it’s taken time. So let me encourage you today do your best, keep plugging away and in the words of Captain Taggart on Galaxy Quest, “never give up” or is it Winston Churchill? Somebody…

Thanks for sticking with this video, I hope it was helpful to you. If you want more videos on this very subject, each of those four mistakes we’re going to cover step by step in future videos so stick around and make sure you subscribe. If it was really

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The 4 mistakes are:

  1. they try to copy their YouTube idols
  2. they don’t research the basics of YouTube
  3. they promote their channel the wrong way
  4. they wonder why their channel isn’t growing quickly

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