Background Removal Using Photoshop Mix

EDIT: An updated tutorial is now available here.

Ever wanted a super-simple way to remove the background from photos easily? Well I found a great, quick way using the mobile app PhotoShop Mix.

In the video below, we use the app Photoshop Mix to remove the background from a photo so that we can use it in all our artwork. This makes background removal super-simple! This tip is great for those starting off on YouTube and other platforms with limited ability or limited technology.

Photoshop Mix can be found in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for you iDevices and Android devices respectively.

Find more information about Photoshop Mix here: LINK


One response to “Background Removal Using Photoshop Mix”

  1. […] few months back, I created a video tutorial for cutting out people/objects using Photoshop Mix on iOS and Android. Whilst it was a good start, […]


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