The YouTube Feature Streamers Are Sleeping On

YouTube has been all-in on live streaming for a long time. For the past 5 plus years, they have been slowly adding functionality to their live streaming bag of tricks. With the announcement earlier this year and late last year of even more functionality heading our way, there is one recently added feature that not enough streamers are utilizing.

That feature is Live Stream trailers.

Many creators now schedule their live streams hours, even days in advance, which advertises the date and time for the stream – with the ability for the potential viewer to pop past the viewing page and even set a reminder so that they can come back when the stream starts.

It is here that trailers come into their own.

Creators can set a trailer to play automatically when anyone visits the stream’s viewing page prior to the start of the stream. The trailer can be any video that has been uploaded to the channel and run between 15 seconds and 3 minutes. When a viewer visits the page, the trailer auto-starts – this is where the magic happens!

Why should I have a trailer? Simple – to add some expectation and generate some buzz around your upcoming live stream. The goal of your trailer should be to inform and to get the potential viewer to buy into the premise for the stream. Above all, one should direct the potential viewer to click the reminder bell to get notified when the stream starts.

I go into more detail and walk you through the process of setting up the live stream trailers in the video:


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