Streamlabs Mobile App Saga

Over the last couple of months I have published a LOT of videos based around the Streamlabs mobile app for live streaming, or as it’s currently known, Streamlabs: Live Streaming App.

This was not primarily out of choice – the app’s recent updates have caused a stir amongst creators, particularly on the iOS side of things with features breaking in the effort to again update the UI. Android, well its not much better.

Let me try and hit a brief time line for you:

  • September 23 2020, they put out their version 3.0 update with their update UI and other changes.
  • Over the next few weeks, some minor updates and bug fixes brought us to version 3.0.5 – I put out a video about the UI updates (below) and found that this is where viewers started to alert me to an issue with screen streaming, aka stream broadcasting on the app. It seemed to be failing.
  • Those comments lead me into a new live streaming format I called Office Hours. In this I went live to discuss the issue and “live test” the app to see how it was behaving.
  • Right after that, I dropped one of my first Shorts videos on YouTube addressing the latest news I has regarding the situation, including a twitter conversation with Streamlabs about the issue.
  • On October 22, they put out the update 3.0.6 which had listed some bug fixes, but not the main issue specifically. A quick check and alas the issue was yet to be fixed. Another update short video was released.
  • At that point, people were getting antsy. I decided to put together a video sharing apps to use as an alternative to Streamlabs on iOS. November 2, I published this:
  • November 13, they put out update 3.0.7 – the changelog mentioned adding widget themes – nothing exciting there, but I started getting reports the issue was fixed. Time to test!
  • Success! This screen broadcasting feature indeed seemed to be fixed in my testing and others reporting the same.
  • Since then, Streamlabs have rolled out updates 3.1.1 through 3.1.3 at the time of writing. They spriuked some more UI improvements and other minor bug fixes.

Unfortunately, some of the new UI features co-incided with a bungled Android UI update that was retracted from the Google Play Store and eventually returned. That initial bungled release got a lot of 1 star ratings on the Play Store, and it seems that, even after they re-released the app, it is still attracting issues around the UI, reliability and more. I have not even been able to take a deep dive into the Android update myself as yet.

Back to iOS.

The UI update left me fuming on one issue. Initial set-up. Whilst recording for my upcoming Streamlabs Troubleshooting video, I came across this terrible UI implementation. When you initially open the app, it asks if you will be streaming your screen, or your camera. Fine with that, but when you want to go from say screen broadcasting to a traditional on-camera stream – you cannot! I set my iOS app to screen broadcast, because that is where a lot of my testing has been recently. I went to do a regular stream, hit the Go Live button to set it up and… nothing! I double checked that I was tapping in the right spot, still nothing. I got so annoyed, I dropped this short video in disgust:

And that is where we’re at right now when it comes to the Streamlabs: Live Streaming App on iOS and Android. Close to when I publish this blog post, I will be releasing the aforementioned Streamlabs Troubleshooting video.

Will the Streamlabs app saga continue? It appears so.

Stay tuned!


One response to “Streamlabs Mobile App Saga”

  1. This is interesting. I recall back when I used to stream mobile games I used Streamlabs, but could only get it working by closing all apps and rebooting my phone prior every stream.

    Glad to see they’ve been giving it some love and finally got it working somewhat well.


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