Streamlabs Mobile Update Fixes YouTube “Persistent Stream Error”

Just over 2 weeks ago, I put out a video on my YouTube channel, reporting on an issue that I was alerted to by a number of my viewers in regards to streaming the screen of their iOS devices to YouTube using the Streamlabs Mobile app.

This is that original video from early December 2019.

I got somewhat critical of Streamlabs in that video because I had reached out to them via their Support pages and seemingly got the pad brush-off answer in regards to this issue. In hindsight they could have mentioned they had an update in the works to solve the issue!

Record of the Streamlabs Support Post and Conversation.

Well, about a week after that video went live, I noticed that the Streamlabs Mobile app had been updated, dated 7th December 2019. I noticed in the changelog that they have updated some things, including how you set-up your streams when streaming your screen.

I got to work right away, and produced a video highlighting the changes to the app, including some cosmetic changes, additions, and the fix for the persistent stream error for those that are screen streaming. Here is that video for you:

The update to the saga!

I’m so happy they got that update out to fix the issue! Unfortunately, we came out of the video and review of the Streamlabs Mobile app for iOS with 2 negatives. 1) There is now a watermark on the screen, which can only be removed by subscribing to the behemoth (which is #2) the Streamlabs Prime subscription. At over $25 per month, this is absolutely ridiculous for mobile only streamers. Fortunately, you can cover the watermark with your own image or logo, so the app is still technically usable for those not wanting to get Prime. In addition, they are offering a new service called “disconnection protection” that stops your stream going down if you happen to experience some connection issues with your internet.

I would suggest, just like I did in the video, that Streamlabs consider a mobile only subscription to remove the watermark and provide the disconnection protection for something like $5 per month. This is more realistic and would benefit the mobile only streamers who don’t need the bells and whistles of the full Prime subscription.

What are your thoughts?


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