Streamlabs Mobile App Gets an Overhaul

With the plethora of app updates following the release of iOS, its not hard for a major app update and overhaul to get lost in the mix. So in early October, Streamlabs Mobile completely re-wrote their mobile streaming app (for iOS at least).

The first thing to note is that they completely removed the Remote feature and moved it to it’s own app. This makes sense as the Remote feature can only be used with Streamlabs OBS on a Windows PC. The new Remote app effectively becomes a dedicated control centre for your live streams via Streamlabs OBS.

The second new feature is Facebook support. This makes sense because Facebook is a huge streaming platform besides Twitch and YouTube. Might we see the likes of Mixer in the future? You can always stream to other platforms via the custom RMTP option.

The main guts of the overhaul is the new Editor workflow. The way you use and interact with the Editor has been completely redesigned. In the video below, I show you the new Editor workflow, along with touching on the other new features noted above. I’ll show you the new and old versions of the app side-by-side.

Have you tried the updated version of the app? If so, what are your thoughts?


2 responses to “Streamlabs Mobile App Gets an Overhaul”

  1. Doug,
    I do plan to stream primarily with the mobile app. I thought it would be great to have a secondary device that could be the remote controller for the mobile app device.

    So to be clear, 2 mobile devices, one to stream through my wireless carrier, and the other to control the various functions of the first.

    There is a remote for the desktop version via mobile device, but no mobile device controller app for the mobile streaming device.

    Hopefully, someone will see this post and create such an app. Maybe there is something available that will meet this need for me, but its not elgoto. At least not yet.

    Vindicated News


    1. Yes, that would be a cool addition, much like various camera apps have remote controls apps to control the shoot from another device.


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