YouTube Partner Program Update 2018 – Human Review Timeframe

A YouTube employee has posted an update on their YouTube Helps page regarding updated timeframe for human reviews for their YouTube Partner Program applications. In this video, I recap the post’s details as at the time of posting.

NOTE: since then, they have updated the YouTube Helps post with additional information regarding the order in which the channels will be reviewed.

YouTube Help post link:
[00:00:00] G’day its Doug from Doug Hewson YouTube here and this, it’s been a while, is that YouTube update.
[00:00:08] I just got alerted to this new YouTube help post which is basically updating people on the review process for the YouTube Partner Program.
[00:00:19] So we’re going to have a quick look at what that says right now for your pleasure.
[00:00:24] We’ll pull it up on the screen so you can read along with me the pertinent points.
[00:00:31] The title of the post posted by an expert Google employee named Jordan G’day Jordan is called the title of the post in the YouTube help is update on new YouTube Partner Program applications.
[00:00:46] This is dated April 19th 2018.
[00:00:49] This is up to date.
[00:00:50] This is today US time.
[00:00:52] I’m in the 20th but I’m in the future so okay.
[00:00:56] It says Hi everyone thanks for your continued patience with the YouTube Partner Program applications that are currently under review.
[00:01:04] We know that many channels have been waiting to hear back and wanted to share an update on how we’re working to review our current backlog of applications and it goes into why reviews have been taking so long and he says.
[00:01:18] Last December we committed to doing more to protect the creative community from abuse.
[00:01:24] A central part of that work was spending more time carefully reviewing each channel and application for the YouTube Partner Program.
[00:01:32] We’re also training new members of the review team to ensure we’re applying our decisions consistently and giving the right channels the opportunity to monetize. [00:01:42] Fair enough.
[00:01:43] This process has taken longer than we initially initially anticipated and we apologize for the delays this has caused.
[00:01:50] Now this is directed to those who are waiting for a pending application to be reviewed.
[00:01:55] If you have a pending application when should you hear back we have now grown our review team and are currently moving through pending applications at a faster pace.
[00:02:06] Thank to YouTube.
[00:02:07] We’re hoping to get caught up by the end of June and we’ll let you know if anything changes.
[00:02:13] Now if you remember originally it was delayed when it kicked in February 20 when the new rules kicked in.
[00:02:20] They said they had a backlog is fine and then at some point they said no current applications will probably be reviewed by the end of April which we’re getting towards the end of April now.
[00:02:30] It’s the 20th today here where I am.
[00:02:32] So evidently they weren’t getting through them as quickly as they could. [00:02:36] They are still training up the new people who are joining the review team. [00:02:39] So now we’ve got more people on that are actually starting to kick through them quicker so hopefully all you guys who are there waiting a very long time from January onwards and even some people from 2018 sort of November December last year. [00:02:54] Hopefully you guys are seeing some changes happening there now right now if you if you’ve been waiting and have been approved since February 20th and you’ve got you’ve got approved leave a comment below so we know that we can see how many people are actually getting approved.
[00:03:12] If you’re still waiting I want you to also go on the comments and say I’ve been waiting since and put the date in the comments.
[00:03:23] I can see below how long you’ve been waiting for.
[00:03:25] I don’t want a novel on on your whole channel.
[00:03:28] I just want to know what day you reach the eligibility requirements a thousand subs and four thousand hours watch time and you went into review mode. [00:03:38] What date was that. [00:03:39] So we can see you’ve been waiting since last week I’ve been since last month you’ve been waiting in January since December. [00:03:45] So that’s what we want to know.
[00:03:47] Let’s kick through the rest this article so we don’t make this video too long. [00:03:51] When we review application we look at your channel activity things like uploading videos strikes views subscriptions and watch time and you’ll be approved for the YouTube Partner program everything meets our community guidelines and our YouTube Partner Program policies and there’s a link to both of those in the article here so you can go on.
[00:04:14] What is it.
[00:04:15] What does all that mean while you wait.
[00:04:17] Please keep focusing on your audience.
[00:04:19] The best way to build a business and earn money on YouTube is to have an engaged audience.
[00:04:25] We have a number of resources to help you to create great content grow your audience and get discovered we monetization is a really exciting and important opportunity.
[00:04:34] So thanks again for your patience this very carefully review new applications. [00:04:38] Signed Jordan from YouTube.
[00:04:42] So that’s it that’s the update from YouTube.
[00:04:44] For all those people who are pending a human review for the YouTube Partner Program.
[00:04:50] So I hope that information’s handy for you.
[00:04:52] Link to this YouTube help will be in the description below for you to check out for yourself I think the main takeaway is that they’re starting to pick up steam and they’re going to start rocking through the backlog at a faster pace and hopefully they’ll be all caught up by the end of June.
[00:05:12] So let’s all cross our fingers for those who are waiting for those who are going to be heading their requirements subsequently after this video goes out and hopefully by the time you get your elegibility stuff sorted out and go in to review you’ll gey reviewed a whole lot quicker.
[00:05:28] So thumbs up YouTube thank you for communicating YouTube and not leaving everyone in the dark.
[00:05:34] So I know Dan from Creator Fundamentals was tweeting at youtube for more clarity on their situation so this is a positive step.
[00:05:45] So big thumbs up to YouTube for communicating this communication is better than no communication people wondering never let people wonder, communicate. [00:05:54] Thank you YouTube Thank you Susan and all your staff.
[00:05:58] This is Doug from Doug Hewson YouTube and I’m out.

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