iOS 11 Instant Markup Made Simple

Most casual users of iOS devices don’t know the power they hold in their hands. Whether it comes to content creation, paying for purchases using Apple Pay, or advanced features for social media, most people are still using their device as a phone and messaging device only.

The instant markup feature of iOS 11 is one of the most under appreciated and little known features. Being able to open a document, notes, even a photo and having the ability to draw, write, annotate in various colours and pen types is powerful. Once you unlock this feature, it will become intuitively simple.

The video below presents the Markup and Instant Markup features of iOS 11 in a quick tip format, showing how to use it quickly and easily.

Do you use the Markup features of iOS 11? If so, what is your go-to usage case? If not, is it something you’d try to integrate into your workflow? Leave your comments!


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