How to Back-up & Restore Your iOS Devices Using iTunes

Recently I got a new iPad. My old iPad, the Mini 2, was excellent, but my screen-strained eyes yearned for a larger view. As a result, I upgraded to the iPad 2017. My previous full-size iPad was the iPad 2, and was very clunky and heavy, which was the reason I downsized to the Mini 2 in the first place.ipadMAN


The new iPad 2017 is an acceptable upgrade for my eyes, and my general use.

Now that I have acquired the new iPad, I needed to migrate my apps, settings, etc. from the Mini 2 to the iPad 2017. My weapon of choice: iTunes. Why? I can back-up locally,encrypt the data, and do it all with very little internet traffic. I did what I’ve done many times before when upgrading various iDevices (iPhones, iPads and even an occasional iPod Touch) – I used iTunes to back-up and restore to seamlessly move my settings and data from my old device to my new device.

The following video outlines the process in little more than 5 minutes.

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