Apple Event – September 12, 2017 – LIVE BLOG

What’s in store at Tuesday’s Apple Event from the new Steve Jobs Theater? Lots of speculation indeed, but we’re going to find out from the horse’s mouth 😉

Screenshot 2017-09-12 16.44.33
Does the event logo hold a cryptic message?


Only minutes away now, are you excited? I have my juice and my fingers ready to rock 😉

Intro beginning, lots of shots of the Steve Jobs Theater, to the tune of “All You Need Is Love” by the Beatles.

Now live inside the Theatre, slow push into the stage, theater black. I hear Steve Jobs voice – I’d say it’s from the original iPhone launch 10 years ago. Tim Cook walks out to applause. Welcomes everyone to the Steve Jobs Theater – talks about Steve – showing shots of Steve from the original iPhone launch, amongst others.

Talks about Apple Park being Steve’s vision for the future. A shout-out to those effected by the recent Hurricanes – talks about the Hurricane Relief program in the US.

Now talking about Apple Park. Environmental, technological, and design. Segways to talk about Apple Stores, and invites Angela up to talk about Apple Retail Stores.

Apple Stores are now called “town squares”. Because it is where people come together to congregate. Talks about new store designs. Areas to relax, work, collaborate, Genius Grove, and something called “Today at Apple”. They have a new position called the Creative Pro. Shows a video all about “Today at Apple”.

Will be opening Apple Town Squares in key cities around the world.

Back to Tim. Talks up retail, and switches to the launches.

First up, Apple Watch! Talks about 50% growth in the Apple Watch. Apple Watch is now the #1 watch in the world. Cuts to a video on what people are saying about the Apple Watch.

Calls up Geoff to talk about Apple Watch.  Talks about WatchOS 4’s health/fitness features. Improving the Heart Rate app. Announces the Apple Heart Study – using data from the Apple Watch to research heart health. Recaps other WatchOS 4 features, available September 19.

Now introduces the next Apple Watch – cue video! Apple Watch Series 3. Cellular built-in. Leave your phone, and still be reachable. Same number as your iPhone. Stream music right to your wrist with Apple Music. New dual core processor. Siri will talk! W2 chip (for wifi). Will have a barometric altimeter. Adding cellular was the biggest challenge. The display is the antenna. Electronic SIM saves space over traditional nano SIM. Case size will be the same as series 2. Demo time! Shows of the cellular capability. Crosses to Deirdre whom he’s talking to live via Apple Watch – she’s paddle boarding out on a lake somewhere. They cut to a live shot of her.

Talks about the new cases and bands. Also new watch faces. Will launch with Optus, Telstra and Vodafone (a bit later) in Australia – pre-order September 15 – available September 22. Back to Tim. Throws to ad re music on the Apple Watch.

Now AppleTV! Spruiks the Apple TV’s award-winning credentials. I know where this is heading 😉

AppleTV 4K – invites Eddie to talk about it. Talks about 4K and HDR. Supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. Demo time! Talks about re-mastered screensaver in 4K. UI updated 4K – shows clip from Spiderman Homecoming in 4K. A10X fusion chip (same as iPad Pro). Will run the latest tvOS. Working with studios on 4K movies – will be the same prices as HD movies. Netflix and Amazon Prime on board as well. Live TV to 7 additional countries, including Australia! Live sports. Includes AFL 😉

Talks about sharing content, HomeKit and apps. Demos a new game for the Apple TV 4K. Multi-player gaming. Eddie recaps. Pre-orders September 15 – ships September 22.

Back to Tim. Now the iPhone! Recaps the history of the iPhone technologically. Cuts to video of new iPhone news. Images of the new iPhone 8. Here comes Phil!

Talking about iPhone 8 & 8 Plus. Glass front and back. 3 colours Space Grey, Silver and Gold. Most durable glass in a smartphone. Retina HD display. Stereo speakers. A11 Bionic chip. 25% faster than the A10. 30% faster GPU. 12MP camera on the iPhone 8 and 12 MP Dual Cameras on the Plus.  Shows some example shots from the iPhone 8.  Portrait Lighting on the iPhone 8 Plus. Highest quality Video capture on any smartphone. 4K 60 fps. 1080p 240 fps. Augmented Reality – new gyro and accelerometer.  Metal 2. Gaming – showing off new gaming features using AR Kit.

Back to Phil, talking about wireless. LTE, Bluetooth 4, and wireless charging! Thank to the glass back. Qi wireless charging standard. Recaps the new features. 64Gb and 256Gb models. Pre-order September 15 and in stores September 22. iOS11 available September 19.

Back to Tim, says we’re not stopping there…

One More Thing…

The future of smartphones – cuts to video. As rumoured the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10). Brings Phil back up.

Edge-to-edge screen – glass front and back. Space Grey and Silver. Super Retina Display. 458ppi. OLED display technology. HDR – Dolby Vision and HDR 10. Tap to wake. No home button. Swipe up to the home screen. Hold the sign button for Siri. Unlock the iPhone with FaceID. TrueDepth camera system. FaceID runs off rural networks and machine learning. A11 Bionic neural engine for face recognition. Needs your attention. Face data stored in the secure enclave – not sent to a server. 1 in a million chance someone else could unlock your phone. TouchID was 1 in 50,000. Works with Apple Pay.

Emoji updated to Animoji – controlled by your face! Calls up Craig to demo the iPhone X. shows off the edge-to-edge display and gestures. Swipe down for Control Center. Demos FaceID. Only unlocks with your attention. Shows Apple Pay with FaceID. AR with FaceID camera demos a Snapchat mask. Demos the Animoji. Back to Phil. Talks about the cameras in the iPhone X. Dual 12MP same as the iPhone 8 Plus. Dual Optical image stabilisation. Shows photos taken on the iPhone X. TrueDepth camera can help take better selfies. Recaps the features of the A11 Bionic chip. Battery life lasts 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7. Re-caps the wireless charging features. A sneak peak of a new product – a charging pad called AirPower. Available next year.

The iPhone X video (obligatory Jonny Ives video).  Phil spruiks environmental credentials. Comes in 64Gb and 256Gb and Pre-orders October 27, ships November 3.

Iphone SE and Iphone 6s models will remain on sale.

Back to Tim. Shows us an ad for the iPhone X. Tim starts to re-cap the morning thus far. Tim closes by thanking the Apple staff and closes.

Well, it seems that everything rumoured/leaked was true. No big surprises. What do you think? Why not leave your comments below.


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