DHYT 2019 Video Mega-Playlist 👀

It's amazing when you look back over the past year you get reminded of the scope of the videos you've produced. I thought it would be interesting to put all my 2019 videos into a playlist for people to re-cap. Maybe you've only just discovered my channel or only watched a handful of videos - … Continue reading DHYT 2019 Video Mega-Playlist 👀

MacOS Mojave – Killer Features for Content Creators

At the recent Apple WWDC event, Apple outlined some of it's upcoming software/OS iterations for iOS, tvOS, WatchOS, and MacOS. The latter has some killer features for content creators that I want to highlight.In the video below, I talk about the features that stood out to me as being awesome upgrades and new features that … Continue reading MacOS Mojave – Killer Features for Content Creators