YouTube Make Some Cool Updates to their Live Streaming

Just today, YouTube have announced that they are rolling out some updates related to live streaming on the platform. These were outlined in a recent YouTube Creator Blog post here. I briefly talk about the updates mentioned in this short live stream video. In summary: live stream replays will now show a live chat replay … Continue reading YouTube Make Some Cool Updates to their Live Streaming


YouTube Partner Program Changes 2018

Over the last several days, YouTube, and social media in general has gone into meltdown regarding YouTube's announcement that they are updating the eligibility requirements to enter the YouTube Partner Program. For those not in the know, the YouTube Partner Program is what a channel needs to become a member of to be able to monetise their … Continue reading YouTube Partner Program Changes 2018

YouTube Monetisation Updated!

More YouTube news! Just a week after picking up on a YouTube tid-bit regarding monetisation - the information is here. YouTube have updated their monetisation processes today - hopefully less yellow low/no monetisation symbols and more green! My summary is in the video below, and in addition, I have provided the links to the post … Continue reading YouTube Monetisation Updated!