Is Sub for Sub Finally Dead on Youtube?

YouTube Community Guidelines Explained - Fake Engagement Policy In this video Youtube Community Guidelines Explained, Doug discusses the updated Community Guidelines regarding Fake Engagement - is sub for sub really dead? What does it mean for competitions and giveaways? Let's discuss! Fake Engagement Policy link:

YouTube Music Policy Tool

In this quick YouTube tutorial, we will look at how you can check a song's YouTube use status using the Youtube Music Policy Tool. Using copyrighted music in videos can be a dicey pastime, so Youtube have provided their Music Policy tool to help navigate how songs are handled if used in your Youtube videos. … Continue reading YouTube Music Policy Tool

iOS File Transfer Made Easy!

Finally iOS File transfer made easy! There are literally millions of iOS devices out there that people use daily. Whether iPhone or an iPad, many don't know how to effectively transfer files from their devices to their PC or Macs easily. In the tutorial video below, Doug shows you how to easily transfer files to … Continue reading iOS File Transfer Made Easy!

MacOS Mojave – Killer Features for Content Creators

At the recent Apple WWDC event, Apple outlined some of it's upcoming software/OS iterations for iOS, tvOS, WatchOS, and MacOS. The latter has some killer features for content creators that I want to highlight.In the video below, I talk about the features that stood out to me as being awesome upgrades and new features that … Continue reading MacOS Mojave – Killer Features for Content Creators